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Hey y’all, I’m taking a bit of a break today since I’m going through some lame medical stuff that puts sleep at the top of my to-do list. But I wanted to fire off a quick lil’ post and let you know about this fascinating Medium piece by Casey Johnston! She does a great analysis comparing the specific wording of questions and their order of occurrence, etc. There’s also helpful commentary from other readers, so be sure to check that out too. Here’s a snippet of what she’s examining:

Two questions tend to crop up to address gender roles. One is straightforward, about whether men should be the “head of a household” or not (read, fellas: do you need to ultimately dominate to feel like a man? Ladies: are you an indoctrinated doormat?). The other is the leg-shaving question.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that my fantabulous podcasting co-host Kai has to take a break for the forseeable future because of other commitments cropping up on his end. SO! My podcasting format is changing a little bit, especially given that several recent episodes were me interviewing and discussing online dating topics with a guest. You probably heard Melanie’s appearance last week, and the next one up is someone I’m also super excited to showcase. (Still not 100% sure on when it’ll air though; please be patient while I recover!)

But given that I loved working with Kai, I’m looking forward to potentially filling that more regular co-hosting spot with someone who also has Kai-ish metadata, haha. I prefer someone who meets the following criteria:

1) Is a dude. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but I appreciate having a male perspective to counter-balance my mostly straight female slant.

2) Is single. They don’t have to be totally single, but I’d prefer that someone not be so attached as to be living with a partner or engaged, etc. Someone who’s still navigating the confusing world of trying to pair up simply works better for what I like to tackle!

3) Is comfortable trying online dating, even if they never have before. You certainly don’t have to be an expert (that’s my job, after all!) but I’d rather not be pushing a rock uphill is that even a valid metaphor man I’m tired.

4) Has a flexible schedule. Kai and I both worked for ourselves, which was very helpful in making podcasting a regular commitment. I can’t say for sure he’ll never be back in the co-hosting seat, but I’d like to seek out a buddy who isn’t going to be struggling with development cycles and crunch times and constant business travel and whatnot. It just makes it easier to have a regular commitment that way!

And of course there are also some less hard-and-fast traits I seek. Ideally, you’re someone who can both talk and listen, who has input to contribute but also is excited to draw out my advice and opinions, because that’s kind of the core of this podcast, and someone who generally gets along well with me so we have a fun rapport. And of course, someone who is open to sharing some rather personal details, despite the fact that we try to make it not ENTIRELY about our own lives and histories. It comes up, inevitably, so this should not terrify you.

So! Any takers? I will welcome all suggestions, but please don’t freak out if a) you don’t get picked or b) you don’t hear from me right away. After all, it’s sleepytime now per doctor’s orders. Talk to ya soon, lovebirds!

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