83 and in love all over again

Man, I have been MIA! Wanna know why? A: Because EVERYONE is getting married this year. Seriously, I think my fiancĂ© and I are headed to my seventh (his eighth) wedding of the season next week. Yowza! We’ve barely had a second to do any planning of our own wedding, let alone consulting or blogging or other fun stuff!

But this story was so cute and heartwarming that it dragged me out of my blogging sabbatical. To every single client who has expressed the feeling that they are “too old” to have any success with online dating: NUH-UH!

If a pair of 83-year-olds can boldly jump into the online scene and *get married*, no less, I think it’s safe to say you’re never too old. Good hunting, daters!

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