A gross post about mole hair

Yep, you read that title right. Why hide under a cute headline this time? 😉

Here’s the deal: I’m getting older. I’m not retirement age or anything (I just turned 32), but my body is sending me a few funny little signals that things are changing. One of those signals is hair sprouting out of three moles on my face and neck. ICK, right? I know! In my head, I thought I looked like this:


You know, could stand to lose a few pounds and exfoliate my upper arms, but generally cute. Blonde. Bespectacled. Youthful. Nice rack. Tall. Obviously I don’t usually have Shirley Temple hair or a white silk dress with pearls and a bouquet, but still. I do OK, ya know?

But with hormones and the inexorable march of time, it turns out I may have recently been looking a teensy bit more like this:

witchOK, I exaggerate. But I had scary hairy moles like a witch, and I didn’t even realize it. Gross.

I just read a Dear Prudence column in which Prudie advised a gentleman who was incredibly turned off by women with slight ‘staches. You know what I’m talking about. For plenty of people, a mole with a stray hair or a slight moustachey look is no big deal. For some people it’s intentional. Some people wear their birthmarks proudly; some don’t even notice a stray skin tag or whatever. And some people are really insecure about such things.

My little epiphany was that it turned out to be INCREDIBLY AFFORDABLE to zap my weird little mole hairs that had me kinda bent out of shape. $30 for all of ’em, including a couple I literally didn’t even know were there. My electrolysis technician was thorough, patient, friendly, gentle, and CHEAP.

So if any of you singletons have been fretting about your little X or Y, Photoshopping it out of your OKCupid profile pic, or any other such worrywarting (pun kind of intended I guess), well, I encourage you to maybe peek into your options about changing such things. You might be surprised at how relatively cheap and painless it is to make whatever thing used to bug you go away, and you might be surprised by the pleasant confidence boost it gives you in the dating world to know you just made yourself look/feel That Much Hotter.

Of course, not everyone needs to do like I did. Not everyone should feel like they have to change fairly frivolous surface stuff like this. But if you WANT to change it, and some silly inertia  or embarrassment or fear of financial ruin is what’s been holding you back, well, I encourage you to just check into it. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was! (Now, if I could just pay $30 to immediately form healthier eating, sleeping, exercising, and productivity habits, well. Wouldn’t that be swell?) Happy Friday, kids! ♥


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