Ask Me Another, for real!

Lam Thuy Vo/NPR

Credit: Lam Thuy Vo/NPR

Hey guys! Remember way back in May/June when we went to New York and competed in a live taping of the NPR quiz show Ask Me Another? Well, our episode finally went live!

Grant and I competed against each other in the Sensational Spelling Bee section, but the victor of that duel also went on to the final round. (No spoilers.) And really, the whole show is so creative and hilarious that I totally encourage you to go give it a listen yourself. Heck, you should subscribe, or maybe even inquire about competing… they recently announced that they’re going on tour this fall, so they just may be coming to a city near you!

We’ve actually remained Twitter buddies with a couple of our fellow contestants, and I just know that we’ll buy tickets if they come to Seattle or probably even to Portland or Vancouver, B.C. Totally worth the mini-trip.

Happy weekend, and happy listening!

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  1. meg

    you might think I’m a total nerd for this, but I heard you on the Ask Me Another this week and was so intrigued by your ‘online dating coach’ title that I had to come check out your website! long story short, I’ve added your blog to my feedly. so yay for NPR podcasts?

  2. Virginia

    That’s so rad, you two! Doris, I totally wanna see a clip of that. 🙂 And Meg, YAY! My sincere hope was that they’d say my name and profession so people know they can get HELP when online dating becomes a pain in the butt, haha. Have a great weekend, guys!

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