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13" Retina MacBook ProI recently switched from PC back to Mac for the first time since my teen years, and I’ve found the transition kinda confusing. I love my new 13″ retina MacBook Pro, but I’m still learning how to use it well.

My very favorite thing about my new computer is that it lets me have a bunch of tabs open at once without complaining. This is great, because I usually have a bunch of business motivating articles from places like Mixergy or Marie Forleo, plus a 5by5 window if a podcast is live, plus Gmail and Google Calendar, Facebook,, Twitter, a few different blog pages, a MailChimp page to work on my next newsletter for y’all, and at least five different articles or blog posts about online dating that I plan to write about. That’s a lot!

And obviously, the thing just runs. The battery life is nice, the extra cable thingy they include is nice, the initial setup wasn’t horrible (I set it up as a new machine), and the memory kicks ass so it can handle the gabillion tabs I have open and programs I have running at any given moment.

It’s also been great to have an HD FaceTime camera for video consultations, and so much more. I suppose you could argue that I mostly got this machine so I can do a better job of writing and serving y’all! 😉 Click on over if you feel like reading about me whining as I adjust to my shiny (er, matte) new tool/toy.

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