Be specific!

I’ve been watching a lot of streaming TV on my iPad ever since I inherited it from Grant, and there’s this one eHarmony ad spot that keeps playing over and over. (I can’t find a link, so please comment if you can.) It’s with a tall blonde gal named Briana, and she says she’s looking for “a deep relationship” with someone who can “make [her] laugh,” and “who can have a great time with [her]” — and that’s it. Those are her qualifications. Argh! I know I’m a pickypants about this stuff because I’m an online dating consultant and all, but come on, Briana! Give us more than that. 🙂

The problem is, this may sound great on TV, but in a written profile it comes off as way too generic. EVERYONE on eHarmony is looking for a deep relationship, with someone who can make them laugh, and have a great time with them. That’s like saying you’re seeking a meal that is filling and nutritious and also tastes good. Not enough info!

So here’s my little Virginia Pro Tip, daters. ALWAYS be specific. List specific books or movies or musicians or comedians that you love. It’s so much clearer than just stating even a genre. Whenever possible, conjure up a specific image instead of just a bunch of general statements that could apply to most single people — other daters are usually quite bad at this, so you’ll totally stand out from the crowd AND give a better window into your personality!

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