Customer poll! What’s your fave nautical motif?

I’m finally feeling almost back to normal, so you’ll be hearing more from me again soon. 🙂 But even while I’ve been under the weather, I’ve been churning and thinking behind the scenes about a few Heartographer tweaks. Namely, the branding.

See, in the super secret thing I hinted about Wednesday, the dreaded branding thing happened—someone mispronounced my company’s name. Now, that’s a risk I knew I was running with a made-up name, but I think incorporating some kind of nautical or navigational element into my logo will help cement it as rhyming with “cartographer,” and so will a more obvious mappy background image. (You might not even be able to see the mappy background since it’s most obvious on a bigger screen, and it barely shows at all on a tablet and is totally absent on mobile. Responsive design success, but a tiny bummer for my branding!) Soooooo, since I have a million opinionated designer types in my audience, I’d love to hear your input! If I were to include some kind of cartographer-esque element into my design, which one would most float your boat? (HA see what I did there!? OK fine. Don’t laugh, just tell me what works best):


a) A ship or boat of some kind!

b) An anchor!

c) A ship’s wheel!

d) A compass rose!

e) Fauna, like a kraken or whale!

f) A lighthouse!

g) More map incorporation!

h) Some combination of the above! ________


I know it’s hard to pick in the abstract without a design in front of you, but I would looooove your seaworthy feedback if you have opinions on the subject. 🙂 Cheers!

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