Dating tips from shoe experts

A buddy on Twitter just sent me this goofy little infographic, which appears to be made by a footwear company. Props to the shoe guys for creative marketing, but I think it’s a *teensy* bit overkill (and don’t get me started on the little typos, haha).

Most people I know don’t make any of these played-up mistakes, and I actually think some of the “don’t” items are contextual. Heck, in some circles, sandals and socks aren’t overkill at all. In some scenarios, “Do gourmet” is terrible advice that’ll scare away a potential date. And I totally don’t buy the shoe quote, haha. (Women look to your height. Sorry guys, but that’s the #1 factor we gals are a picky pain in the ass about, statistically speaking.)

And the whole back-handed compliment thing? I TOTALLY don’t recommend this strategy, but negging is a well-documented practice among pickup artists. So who’s to say this might not work for certain people, in certain circumstances?

That said, this is pretty amusing when taken all in good fun. Enjoy!

(For legal reasons I’m only placing a link to where I found the graphic.)

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