Diplomas in the office—yay or nay?

Online daters, I gotta ask you about kind of a stuffy tradition. What do you think about displaying your diploma(s) in your office? (Just the one, in my case.)

I worked for attorneys for several years before I figured out that helping people find love was my passion, and let me tell you, those lawyers know how to COVER A WALL in diplomas and certificates… and in my former boss’s case, magazine covers from all the many years when she had been selected among the city’s top lawyers. Whew! It was visual overload, but then again, her office was not exactly about design or fashion, and I suppose it served as confirmation to potential clients of her stature in the legal community. (She was very pragmatic, always focused on getting you the best representation she could during your divorce, but that would happen amongst practical 80s oak furnishings and very little actual décor.)


Apartment Therapy delved into this topic a couple years ago, but I’ve been curious to know what tech-forward clients think of this sort of antique print medium. (Heck, my actual college diploma is in LATIN—what nerds we Bryn Mawr girls are! You get stuck with Latin no matter what you studied, though.) I’ve only got one diploma and have only been featured in newspapers or magazines a couple times, but I totally have all of those items framed in my office. They make me proud, ya know? (And technically, my mom, friends, and husband are responsible for the actual articles getting framed.) I’m just wondering if it’s a bit dorky to keep them on display, in their incredibly antiquated paper fashion, since my whole business revolves around basically going digital and not being stuck in the past with old models like paper. And, uh, education? Oh, you know what I mean. At least they’re on the wall that I face, and not the wall that clients face.

So! Tell me whether you cringe or smile when you see paper diplomas on display! If you’re not sure, think of it this way—what would you think if you saw a diploma hanging in your date’s home office the first time you got the house tour? Lame, or charming? That’s the real test. ♥

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  1. Deb Kennedy

    What if you totally embraced the geek factor you mentioned, and combined those magazine covers and diploma with technology?

    Scan the ‘antique’ paper documents into your computer, then load them into a digital photo frame.

    They’ll revolve onto the screen, showing off your accomplishments in a whole new-millenium kind of way without seeming to be outdated or the embodiment of ‘in your face bragging’. On a wall or a bookshelf, they’ll be a less space-consuming way of sharing your story with clients – and reminding yourself of some applause-worthy goals!

    BTW: I found your blog through our mutual friend Sara Schneider 😉

  2. Virginia

    Hi Deb! Too cool; glad to know how you tracked me down. I like your digital idea! Problem for me is that I think most digital photo frames are still kinda ugly with lower resolutions, you know? But maybe by the time I have the funds to take on this project, the technology will have improved. I like how you think! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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