From my personal blog—I suck at Photoshop

I’m experimenting with cross-posting things from my personal blogs, just in case they might catch your interest. (Yes, you read that right, blogs: I have three. And counting. Ridiculous, I know!)

If you happened to come upon my Heartographer presence because of an ad, you might recognize some of my tomfoolery with art. Anyway, this is obviously less practical dating advice and more just a little glimpse into what I muck around with when I’m not working on helping you find love. 🙂 Cheers!

I suck at Photoshop

I’m trying to learn to become more independent in graphic design. I’m not remotely trained in any way. I’ve got an increasingly defined sense of design, although I’m just as susceptible to trends as the next blogger who suddenly decided that rounded corners were over yesterday.


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