Fun online dating announcements

Hey daters, I’ve been working on a couple of side projects that I want to tell you about!

q and aFirst of all, so many of you have fun questions for me. I love answering them, because I just live for helping people find lasting love. I’m a sap like that. So I’m going to be partnering up with an awesome Seattle dating-related start-up to jointly host an online dating advice column! (We might even graduate to doing a call-in podcast, eventually.) So hey, if you’ve got questions you’d like to have answered, please send them my way! You can reach out via Twitter or Facebook, of course, but email is easier if you’d like to keep your info private. (We’re happy to change names and other identifying details.)

This is my favorite pic ever taken of me. It’s hard to capture that silly/fun/playful vibe when you’re TRYING to, though! (This was an outtake from a Serious Shoot.)

Also, many of you guys have been asking for ways to get help with better profile pics. I offer to snap a few in person, but it’s never quite the same (and it helps to loosen up with a drink if you’re into that sort of thing). So I’m very happy to announce that something is in the works photo-wise, too! The details are still nebulous, but I’ve grouped up with the amazing photographer Jennifer Richard, and we’re going to start hosting some snap-happy hours (see what I did there?) where we can get some casual, fun shots in a relaxed environment, and teach you guys about how to capture better casual photos of yourselves when you’re out in the wild. So much fun! Jennifer has already taken some super-cute pics of me (and me of her, with her guidance) and I think you guys will just eat this up.

Lastly, I’ll have a little extra time in Portland later this week, so bug me now if you’re dying to set something up! Happy dating, and more news soon! ♥

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