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Yesterday, GeekWire cited a post from a local tech guy, who contended that Amazon and the gender imbalance in tech is a major reason dating in Seattle sucks. Predictably, I think there’s MUCH more to the story here! I was happy to provide a rebuttal as a guest post, which ran today. Check ‘er out!

We all know that the tech industry has a major problem with gender imbalance, and we may have all whined over the years that Seattle is a tough town for singles. But I don’t believe those things are the root cause of Jeff’s dating frustrations, especially when it comes to online dating.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m making you click on through to read the whole thing. GeekWire totally deserves your traffic! 🙂

Photo via Flickr user Don Hankins.

Photo via Flickr user Don Hankins.

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