Guided Communication—a surprise hit


Image credit: eHarmony

When I recently discovered eHarmony’s new Guided Communication feature, I thought it was a total flop. After all, 90% of my advice revolves around highlighting the dater’s wit and originality, not falling back on canned multiple-choice answers!

However, it seems like this feature is surprisingly successful, especially for guys who are having trouble nudging ladies to respond. This is the #1 complaint about paid services, and the reason behind OKCupid’s great article about why e-daters should never pay! (UPDATE: OKCupid pulled this article after their sale to But a friendly anonymous Internet helper sent me this reproduction; I believe this is no longer in any way officially sanctioned by me or by OKCupid, but browse at will!)

Just goes to show you (and me!) that the online dating market is a tricky, unpredictable, slippery little fish. Sometimes you have to try the unexpected path, I guess—much like how I urge people to avoid conforming to the profile’s many confined fields. Here’s hoping this new feature can help hook up some couples in my circle!

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