Happy birthday to my hubby!

Awww. Grant is just the best. He and I had SUCH a great connection when we first started writing to each other, and we’ve stayed tuned into that humor-loving vibe from day one. This is the goofy-ass picture he sent in response to my Craigslist ad seeking a spider-slaying boyfriend:

He labeled the file as "TheDestruction.jpg" hahaha

So even though this picture doesn’t showcase him at his most handsome, in my opinion, and even though our first date was  a little awkward because a) he knocked on the wrong door before picking me up and b) the restaurant we went to was so noisy we could barely hear each other, we stuck it out and kept getting to know each other until any weirdness was replaced with lovey-doveyness. Yep, that’s a word. I deem it so.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Huckle Buckle Babycake! (OK, that’s not a real pet name; it’s the name of a type of cupcake they sell at the bakery right by his office. But it’s so funny and pet name sounding that we sometimes call each other that in jest. Total jest, I promise.) My sweet husband was born MANY years ago today, haha, and I’m so glad he came into my life!

We’re spending today mostly in transit from NY to DC where we’ll be visiting family. So we’ll be back to regular normal dating-related posts soon enough, I promise!


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