Happy holidays, happy listening, and happy reading!

Hey lovebirds, it’s that time of year again—time to hop on a plane and get a cold from a bunch of merry strangers! That’s right; I’m traveling for the holidays, and I had to somehow part with my MacBook for a repair so I won’t be nearly as accessible as usual.

Hopefully, this won’t bother you in the least—you’ll be bouncing between caroling and some sort of traditional feast anyway. (And maybe an online date or two? Ice skating is a decent activity idea if you’re stumped!)

My December newsletter just went out, with tips and info about rocking multiple online dating profiles. But don’t worry; if you sign up now you can still get access!

Oh, and I finally released a new episode of the podcast! It’s a fun discussion with Lauren Hallden and Darius Kazemi, both of whom make fascinating little web toys that I predict will amuse you greatly. More are coming soon, so you can subscribe here to stay posted.

Happy holidays, and stay warm and safe! [icon-heart]


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