Happy iPhone Day! (Now get into a relationship.)

Hi y’all! Hope your iPhone Day is going well, haha. I’m in Portland, meeting with clients and networking (ugh, kill that verb) with people who came to XOXOfest, and hopefully buying a tax free iPhone 5S as you read this. 🙂 You may not have seen my blog posts about it, but I think iPhones are a handy singles connection device, and I don’t really care about the colorful one but I’m super excited about the tech specs on the other one.

Anyway, the other day a local hero of mine wrote a cool thing I wanted to point you to. That hero is Dan Savage, and while I don’t think he always gives perfect advice all of the time, he’s a very cool level-headed practical advisor, and I’ve been listening to and reading his stuff since back when it was only in print and on the actual radio, haha. Savage Love Live, they called it. Anyway, he wrote a little guide for getting into relationships, and I though it was a pretty nice succinct pragmatic field guide:

Step 1: Get online—OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Recon, Match.com, FetLife, JDate, Stranger personals—and put up a personal ad. Put up a few. Post current and accurate pictures, fill out the profiles, write a little about yourself, don’t write too much about yourself. No poetry, no cat pics, no duck-faced selfies, no bitching about exes.

Step 2: Get offline. Go to class. Go to cafes. Go to bars. Go to class. Go to parties. Go to gyms. Go to parks. Go to class. Go places and meet people.

There are plenty more steps. Go read the whole thing here. Happy weekend! [icon-heart]

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