Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hi lovebirds! Happy Valentine’s Day, or as my friend Jen likes to call it, “VD.” (By the way, she and I are Valentine Twinsies this year—we both plan to stay in, cook steaks, and watch House of Cards Season 2 on Netflix.)

Even though I think this is a bit of a silly holiday, I tend to feel that you should attempt to go with the flow within reason. So for House Roberts, this means no gifts/flowers/candies and no planning an elaborate date amongst the zillions of other couples who snatched up all the reservations and cabs, but it does mean getting a cute card and putting sweet sentiments inside and a cute drawing outside. That’s been our tradition for pretty much every birthday and holiday since we met.

Here’s the envelope for the card I got Grant (spoilers, honey!):

 The inside of the cards has squirrels, that's why.

By the way, yesterday’s newsletter was about managing Valentine’s Day when you’re online dating. Sign up now and you can still read it; just follow the links!

I also like to use VD as an excuse to get silly and write fake poetry. (I have an uncanny knack for rhyme and meter; did you know that? I do. In college I had to speak in iambic pentameter for three days straight and it was no big deal.)

So I bugged my friend Anna to exchange some bilingual ditties with me, as she’s learning French for her move to Montréal. This was by far the best one either of us came up with:

And here are a few more from me, to you, about why you should hire me when this whole red-garbed holiday is over!

Roses are red, and
some tulips are, too.
Book an appointment
so I can help you! [icon-heart]

Roses are red, but
their thorns make us bleed;
Valentine’s Day is
a date we don’t need.

And finally:

I know that last one is a lame non-rhyme, but I don’t care. HOUSE OF CARDS WOOOOOO! Have a great weekend, whatever you do! [icon-heart]

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