Hello, Catfish viewers!

Hey y’all! I’m experimenting with Twitter Ads to try to reach people who tweet about Catfish. Why? Because I want to help you!

See, Catfish may be a fun show, but it’s SO not what real online dating is like. Online dating is what you make of it; when used correctly, it should be  a means of helping you connect with real live people so you can tell if you click, and NOT a means of having long drawn out pseudo-relationships without the satisfaction of real in-person connection. Those people on that show? They’re idiots, or they’re heavily edited to look like creeper idiots, or both. Please don’t let that *entertainment program* get you down on online dating!

See? I feel so strongly that I even whined at my husband to help me make you a terrible graphic.

I’m so convinced you’ll have a better experience than those folks that I’m willing to offer you a ridiculous, massive discount on my services. If you set up an online dating profile, I’ll give you my $99 Power User package (a one-hour customized session in which I go through it with you section by section) for only $75. That discount is what I reserve for my closest pals, my inner circle, my awesome VIPs! Random people who found me on Twitter do NOT get my services for that cheap, haha.

So if you’d like to take advantage of this deal, here’s what you do!

1) Take a screenshot of the tweet by which you tracked me down. (Just ask me if you don’t know how!)

2) Send me an email with that screenshot, your phone number, and with three available time slots when you’d like to meet up.

3) Tell me in five sentences or less what you think of online dating. No judgment! <3

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