Interview with Lorii Abela of Manifesting Your Destiny!

loriI recently connected with Lorii Abela, who’s the gal behind How Can You Find Love, Speaking Your Truth, and several other awesome endeavors. Her work is based on The Law of Attraction, which is essentially that you get what you put out into the universe. She’s a powerhouse of the more spiritual and empathic side of finding a match. Lori asked to interview me on her site, and I was thrilled to accept!

Our businesses are similar yet different, haha. My own audience is a little more geeky and techy than Lori’s, for the most part, and of course we tend to serve clients in different geographic markets.  I’m also a little less spiritually focused in how I frame my advice and tips, but I think we’ve actually go ta lot of overlap in that we both truly believe your own attitude determines your romantic success more than any other factor. I hope my tips and advice will make the Internet more approachable for Lorii’s clients, and for anyone who decides to give online dating a shot!

I appreicated the opportunity to chat with her and give her followers some tips on how the Internet can feel less impersonal and soulless, since I’ve noticed a correlation between people who gravitate to more spiritual perspectives and people who are a little hesitant or uncomfortable when it comes to using technology for very personal or energy-related matters, such as finding love. Did I miss anything major? Let me know in the comments here or on YouTube if you have more questions.

Click on over to view the whole thing, and if I look like I have nine chins or sound like a Munchkin or whatever, please don’t say a damn thing! I’m still so awkward and insecure about being on camera, but I’m working on it. 🙂

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