Kids these days…

…And their altruistic/mischevious guerrilla marketing. I was parked at the Southcenter Mall for a couple hours this afternoon, and when I got to my car, look what I discovered! Some kids had taken it upon themselves to remove most of the cards in my Card Caddies, and stick them under the wipers of other cars in the parking lot.

The silly kids actually stuck a couple cards on my car, too -- not the best thinking in the world, but hey.  A for effort.

At least, I assume it was kids. That’s exactly the sort of generous yet snarky thing my friends and I would do in our bored, antsy, mildly rebellious teen years. Heh.

On the one hand, sweet — free promotional labor!

On the other hand, I traditionally hate windshield fliers on principle.

But back to the one hand, this actually isn’t a terrible marketing idea, even though malls are frequently full of couples and families.  (Every couple knows a single person who could use a few tips from me!)

But back to the other hand, business cards aren’t the cheapest thing to go papering windshields with.

But back again to the one hand, it takes me forever to bother setting aside the time and clarity to design new flier templates.

But back again to the other hand, who am I kidding?  Grant totally does all my graphic design work.

The one again, even after he does it (and he always does a great job), I take forever to get it printed up.

The other again, who am I kidding?  I could easily work something like that into a lunch break if I actually remembered to do it.

The one, I then forget to actually POST said fliers for months.

The other… I need a nap.

Kids, next time, I’d prefer if you could just steal a T-shirt (or better yet, borrow) and wear it all over town, K?  Especially to parties with lots of singles folks.  But thank you for the help (I think)!

And to anyone who received a windshield flier and was annoyed: this was not my doing.  But call me anyway if you like.  And have a great weekend!

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