Ladies have needs too

In a moment of frustration over some headline or quip the other day, I posted this tweet:

I received a lot of thoughtful responses. In a nutshell, I’m very frustrated with the culture insisting and assuming that “men are visual creatures,” with the implied binary that women are not. Uh, YES THEY ARE, guys! And I don’t just mean visual in some trite “ooh because look at those cool shoes” way. I mean women judge you men physically all the time, we are turned on by attractive physiques and turned off by unattractive ones (while said definitions remain subjective), and we are into seeing what we consider hot men and we very much react to seeing them. Women fetishize specific body parts or types or features just like dudes do. And you’re complete idiots if you don’t recognize this and play to it!

You know how it’s important to have a “full body” shot in your online dating profile? Equally important for you dudes. You know how you should figure out your best angles, your most attractive expressions and outfits, etc? Dudes gotta do that too. Women are just as invested in a partner’s physical appearance and sexual attractiveness; I’m sick of the implication otherwise; and I don’t think most of my audience really disputes this point, but I do think they sometimes assume it’s to a lesser degree, etc. because our culture in general doesn’t welcome or promote women being frank and open about sexuality. But that doesn’t make all this any less true. Say cheese, fellas!

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