Let your personality SHINE!

This was the best shot I could get with my iPhone, while standing in line to get interviewed on camera.In the next few weeks, a really neat movie is going to start to come together. Biznik put together a film called SHINE, which is all about how small businesses are going to be what lifts us out of this recession/depression era.

Personally, I think half the battle is approaching things in a new light — not constantly muttering how terrible things are and how bad our economy is.  But there’s definitely more to it than that.

My own bit at SHINE was mostly about how I’m seeing business boom lately, despite the recession — my theory is that people are no longer willing to sit back and allow their lives to be unsatisfactory.  Once they wind up laid off from their job, they’re taking the initiative to search for something more meaningful and soul-fulfilling  — in this case, finding love!

I love being a part of that search, and I hope this economic crisis has provided the opportunity for some people to re-examine their priorities and move their emotional happiness up a bit on the list!  I’ll post a full clip of my interview once it’s done being edited.

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