Mi casa, su… oficina

As I mentioned last week in my post about water, I often have clients in my home. Which means that my home has to look kind of nice. I tried to use this as an excuse to, say, deduct a portion of any landscaping costs on my taxes, but my accountant shook his head no. Sad! But sometimes, when I’m in a creative funk, I do sort of justify spending a certain amount of time and money thinking about home stuff when I should be focusing on Heartographer stuff. I admit that I’m quite guilty of this when I’m siezed by the desire to blog about home design stuff. So today, in case there’s any chance you’re interested, here are some of my recent not-very-online-datey blog posts, mostly about stuff like couches and paint color. (Some of you will recognize some stuff from you visits with me!) I’ve listed them in order of what I think my average client will find most to least interesting/entertaining, haha.

Hope you enjoyed, lovebirds! I promise to update you about datey stuff soon, too. Hope you had a great weekend! [icon-heart]

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