Mixed Bag

Just the other day, I was explaining to a client that Craigslist can be something of a mixed bag. For example, while you may get 300+ replies just for being female and having a pulse, frequently only 25 or so are worth really considering, and then only 10 or so worth actually writing back to. Sad, but that’s just the way it is. People tend to respond in weird and inappropriate ways, often hitting up very much the wrong category as well.

I started to warn her about some “Craigslist Crazies” who will occasionally go so far as to send little more than a picture of their genitals… and right then, in real time, she got a ridiculously rude, short and poorly-written response to her ad essentially telling her that there was no way a woman with a picture as cute as hers could a) be her age, and b) be on Craigslist. Talk about a backhanded compliment! He essentially told her to f*ck off and get on Match.com… interesting stragety.

This was *immediately* followed up by a nice-seeming guy who wrote several paragraphs about himself, asked interesting questions… and then got right to the point: he was looking for a third in an M-F-F threesome. Yeah, in response to her ad seeking, you know, a soul mate. Save a LITTLE something for the second date, buddy.

Ah, Craigslist. At least you never fail to entertain!

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