More hooliganery

This day had to come eventually, I suppose… now my lovely $40 magnets are all gone.

Well, two out of three of them. I got one for each side of my car (so that the arrow pointing to the Card Caddie would go backwards on each side for optimal placement). They were a pretty good deal, but they still cost a pretty penny!

The very first day I applied them to my vehicle, the driver’s side one went flying off my door in the 520 wind. Oops!

So Grant ordered me a replacement. Which just got stolen (I think last night when I was parked in Pioneer Square for my high school reunion.)So, uh, classmates/drunks/hooligans of Pioneer Square, can I pretty please have my magnet back? It does me a lot more good than you!

I mean, c’mon… the card thing in the parking lot was at least amusing. Sort of. But answer me this: what the heck are you really gonna do with a magnet advertising someone else’s company? I’d like to think you could at least make your vandalism useful, like the hacked McDonald’s sign Grant spotted today. You can do better, vandals! Show me your A game!

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