Mug Shots in Seattle on 1/31!

Hey folks! We’re having another Mug Shots event on Saturday, January 31st in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

Here’s what you need to know!

  • The cost is $99 per person. We can’t accommodate last-minute drop-ins, so you’ll need to drop me a line to sign up ahead of time.
  • You should bring your fully charged-up smartphone and/or tablet, with storage space for taking pics if you get inspired to do so.
  • You should pay a little more attention to your hair than usual! Do it up nice(r) than your average lazy Sunday when no one would see you.
  • You should wear something flattering and bring a change of clothes (or just top) if you want to max out your cute photos and make it look like they were shot at separate events. (Call me up if you want to chat about what to wear.)
  • You should be prepared to cover the cost of your own drinks and food.
  • You should show up very promptly; latecomers totally make the rest of the group look more tense and less hot on camera! It takes a while for us all to get into a groove. Show up right at 1 so we can all be at the same level of awkwardness together. [icon-heart]

And hey, how’s this for a Mug Shot? 😉

Get it? MUG SHOT? You see because it's

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