My interview on Side Hustle Nation!

Hey lovebirds! You may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet so far this year—it’s not you, it’s totally me. I’ve been trying to hunker down and work on some bigger projects this year that always seem to slip away from me.

Side Hustle NationLate last year I was on the wonderful Side Hustle Show with Nick Loper, and we had a fun conversation in which we discussed my business’s origin story, among other things.

Please check out the episode post here, or give it a listen on iTunes or Stitcher! Nick’s entire show is fantastically fun and motivating and educational—much like QUIT, the show that really got me off my feet (and out of my unfulfilling day job), it’s a show for people who are excited to do something bigger and better and to make money in the process.

In addition to talking about how my business went from a hobby to a full-time role, I also made a couple announcements about a few changes at The Heartographer. I’ll blog more about those soon. And hey, don’t forget that there was a new episode of my own podcast recently that you should also check out! [icon-heart]

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