My liberal discounts policy

I just added a page called Discounts yesterday. And now I’m blogging about it. Why am I so eager to make you pay me *less* money? Well, I’m not, really, but I SO want you to saddle up and hire me so we can get you confidently finding love already! And if money is truly an obstacle to you finding love, I’d like to remove that hurdle even if it means cutting into my meager income.

Here’s the deal: personal referrals have always been my number-one source of new business. People are more likely to hire me because someone sent them to me than by discovering me naturally, or even by following up after meeting me in person. So if you’ve actually followed up on a referral you got, you BOTH get a discount. You and the person who referred you. Crazy, I know! (If the person who referred you is attached, they get a gift card. Don’t worry; I’ll find a way to take care of them.)

You also get a discount if: we’ve worked together, we went to school together, or we’re part of the same online communities. (I’m not going to go pointing those out in excessive discount-generating detail, but if you’re a jackal and you know it, clap your paws.) If you discovered me because of our podcast, you get a discount. If you decided to hire me based on my newsletter, you get a discount. If you saw my ad in the paper that one time and you’re just now acting on it, you get a discount.

Again, why so liberal with the discounts? I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY, INTERNET. GOD. I just want you to find love and enjoy it as much as I have. Sheesh.

In fact, screw it. I’m going to get even more liberal with this policy. The above people all get a hefty discount, but anyone at all who books a pre-paid appointment for the entire rest of the month of June will also get a discount. You just have to remind me at the time of payment. (Note that the actual appointment may not occur while it’s still June because it’s getting kind of late for that. But we’ll get something scheduled at the same time as when you shell out for it!)

So hurry up and get in touch to schedule something, folks! Summer’s coming, birds are chirping, and you KNOW you wanna get twitterpated. Let me help!

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