New Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule

Image source: Pure Volume

Image credit: Pure Volume

Hi guys! You might’ve noticed that I tend to just post here about online dating topics whenever something strikes me, be it a link to online dating in the news, a book release I think you’ll find interesting, or a topic that strikes my fancy. Willy-nilly is sort of how I roll, ya know? I like to write when I’m inspired!

However, I’m learning that I ought to formalize a specific posting schedule for better page rank and SEO (blah blah boring business speak I know). Plus, it kinda motivates me and keeps me sane AND helps me drill down to what’s really important, especially when there’s a flurry of news. So from now on, I’m going to be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. (And I’m announcing this right before I take a big trip which is the kind of thing that usually screws you up big-time, haha, so here’s hoping I can schedule quality stuff even while I’m bopping around the east coast!)

What do y’all think of this change? Can you take it? I think the frequency will actually be about the same if not slightly higher than before, and it’ll encourage me to be thoughtful about coming up with content ahead of time. That may mean that more “breaking news” stuff is relegated to my Facebook Page and my Twitter feed, so make sure you Like/follow me there if you’re into news about the online dating industry. And as always, the more detailed, pragmatic advice is always going to be kept in my newsletter, so you best sign up if you want the really good tips. 🙂

If you have strong feelings about this shift one way or another, I’d welcome your feedback. And if not, well, carry on and happy dating! I’m off to go check out this Monday Wednesday Friday band now. ♡

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