Next Mug Shots event in Seattle on 10/26!

Hey everyone! I hope your transition into fall has been splendid. Mine has been great, but BUSY! And a little crazy… you know how they say things happen in threes? Well, our family car broke down, our washing machine flooded our basement, and the shelving in our closet came crashing down in the night narrowly missing the cat. (Don’t worry; he’s actually kind of excited about the new bedding options.)

And of course, all this went down while I was attending some lovely friends’ weddings and snapping some gorgeous pics at my NYC Mug Shots event! And a few not that gorgeous outtakes too, I confess… I mean Richard looks great but what is going on with yours truly here?

Anyway, we had a blast, and we’ve got another event coming up in Seattle soon! So I’ll quit embedding weird tweets and tell you about that now instead.

Next Seattle Mug Shots: Sunday, October 26th, from 1-3 PM in Fremont

Yep, now you can plan for how to get that great pic you’re missing! Want to come? Email me! I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for $99, and we’ll lock it down, and you’ll look way, way better than me in all your online pics. Yay! 🙂

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