Smartphone dating apps

Hey all, check it out! The wonderful Mark E. Harris reached out to me for input on this NextAvenue piece on smartphone apps for single Baby Boomers. It was a nice excuse to research quite a few apps in more detail than I had done previously. The trouble is, I really think apps aren’t up to part with their web services. (This is often the case, right? Otherwise we all would’ve ditched our computers by now!) Still, I go into the pros and cons of different types of apps for different preferences and demographics. Here’s one nugget of smartphone-specific advice:

Even if you create your profile from your mobile device, give it your full involvement, Roberts says. “A self-portrait taken with your phone isn’t the best idea,” she says. “Fix up your makeup or hair and have a pal take some nice photos of you at a social event with a nice smile.”

This should be obvious advice to my regular readers! But when you’re setting up the whole thing via smartphone, the temptation to get lazy and snap a quick selfie is way too compelling. Don’t do it, folks! You’re better than that, and you’ll look better if you take a bit more care in how you present yourself. Selfies have a bad connotation right off the bat, even if they wind up being flattering shots.

Click on over to read the whole thing! There are some helpful tidbits in there even if you’re not a Baby Boomer. 🙂

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