NextDraft – a shameless (and unaffiliated) plug

I started subscribing to Dave Pell’s email newsletter NextDraft a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did. I get my online dating news from a variety of sources—Google News alerts, online dating blogs, and people from Twitter and who send me links they think I might like. (I do also occasionally see stuff from Twitter and Facebook that I wind up writing about, but the vast majority of links from social media are things that people bring directly to my attention.) Lately, I’ve started adding a number of links from NextDraft into the mix, which frankly surprised me!

This is all Dave.

NextDraft isn’t really meant to cater to my online dating audience. But there’s so much overlap with interesting tech and culture that Dave often includes links that I think my humble little audience would appreciate. I’ve found some of the most fascinating tidbits thanks to NextDraft, and Dave’s annotations are hilarious AND they make it easy to decide what to read further, what to skim over, and what to skip entirely. After subscribing, I started to feel like a suddenly more well-rounded, educated, and plugged-in person. I urge you guys to subscribe as well! Or get the iOS app; believe it or not I don’t even have that. Yet 🙂

And of course, subscribe to my Heartographer newsletter too. My May issue goes out tomorrow! It’s neither as frequent nor as eclectic and cool as NextDraft, largely because it focuses on way more specific subject matter. But it’s still pretty darn neat, and HELPFUL! This month, among other things, I talk about how to craft a great username. Even if my tips aren’t a perfect fit for your personality, they’re EFFECTIVE at catching the eye in a heartbeat which is what really counts. You get to express your more authentic colors once you’ve actually snagged someone’s attention long enough for a conversation.

The perceived danger of any newsletter is that you’ll kinda get bombarded, and annoying companies will take a whole damn month to fully unsubscribe you from every corner of every server or cached mailing. But that ain’t the case with us; we both use MailChimp which is super speedy and fantastic about that sort of thing. And Dave’s newsletters are so good you won’t feel bombarded; whereas mine are so infrequent and helpful you’ll be grateful. So there you have it! Thanks for turning me on to such fun news, Dave… if even one person signs up to your thing because of my blog, I’ll consider this not-so-online-dating-related post a huge success. 🙂

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