NYC Online dating photo happy hour!

Hey folks! I’ll be on the east coast again this fall. This means you Eastern Time folks can get a piece of me! I don’t have time for individual client sessions, but I hope to host another online dating photo shoot happy hour. Woohoo!

Everyone has just  been eating these up; they’re amazing for singles but they’re great for pretty much anyone! Social media kind of demands great pics of us all the time, you know? And jobs want a pic to introduce you to the team, and you want something cool for your LinkedIn profile that shows how un-stuffy and relaxed and fun you are… it’s a lot of pic pressure. 🙂 Don’t worry; I’m here to help!

I <3 NYC

Image credit: Shutterstock/Yueh-Cheng Lu

Here’s what I know:

Where: It will probably be in Brooklyn, since the vast majority of my New York peeps are actually there. It will be at some sort of bar with a pretty setting and plenty of natural lighting so you look great. 😉

When: It will be from 4-6 (or thereabouts) on Tuesday, September 30th. I hope you can make it!

How much: I’m only charging $99, which is madness from a making money perspective and will probably change for future events. (If it feels steep to you, though, lemme give you this food for thought: one-on-one portrait sessions usually run 4-5x that much, and  yield pics that are far too formal and posed for a social context. So it’s a ridiculously great value if you can scrape it together, especially for the NY market!) Everyone will cover their own checks for any drinks/food consumed.

Who: It will be a mix of ladies and gents, but it will probably be mostly straight cis single folks in their late 20s to late 30s who actively use online dating. You’re totally welcome to come if you’re outside those parameters; everyone these days needs cute photos! But I just want people to know what to expect. Don’t freak out if you get flirted with! 🙂

What will you get: You will receive at least five flattering, natural, fun, breezy, well-lit, gorgeous pics that are perfect for online dating. They’re also perfect for social media, for professional purposes, for your personal branding, whatever!

You will have the rights to the photos; you can use them in any non-commercial way you like. You can probably even use them commercially if you talk to me and/or my photographer; you just can’t go submitting them to Shutterstock or anything. 🙂

Here’s what I still need:

A Sure Thing venue! It’s hard to find the perfect venue. My goals are that there be lots of natural light, that there be an area a big group (10-20ish people?) can occupy for musical chairs without major inconvenience, and that there be pretty things to look at in the background. Cool carved wood, nice art, nifty wallpaper, whatever—just not a boring beige non-decorated hole in the wall or an incredibly dark place, ya know? Please share any ideas with me!

Attendees! I have a surprisingly long list of people interested in coming, but it’s always a bit of a chase locking folks down for a specific paid event. So please share liberally with anyone you know who could use some better pics! We’re kinda lady-heavy now, so dudes are preferred but not required. 🙂

Wanna come?

Start by emailing me! You’re only 100% confirmed once I have your payment for the event. Please get in touch to reserve your spot! [icon-heart]

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  1. Post

    Oh right, an important note! You can brush up on my photo tips to make the most of this event, too. Tricks like bringing two different shirts or two colors of lipstick and a hair clip can make it seem like we shot them in two different settings. Especially if we move you around in the venue, which we will! ^_^

  2. T

    Are you going to be doing this again in Brooklyn anytime soon? I mean for sort of selfish purposes – but I know a ton of folks that would come/and I know of a few places that would be okay to have us! Best, T

    1. Post

      Hey T! I do hope to have more events in NYC and other major cities, but it’s difficult to coordinate cross-country so for now they only happen about once a year. You can sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date! I’m also happy to put you in touch with a great New York photographer who knows what I’m after in an online dating pic. Please shoot me an email if you’d like an intro!

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