Online dating podcast!

Hey daters! I’m excited to announce a new podcast about online dating. My co-host will be Kai Davis, and occasionally his business partner Chris Toku. (Chris mostly will be doing back-end stuff like audio editing and production, but he’ll weigh in from time to time.) These two already have a podcast network called The TKast, with a few interesting shows. Go check them out!

We’ll be answering your questions, discussing online dating news and opinions, and offering up some targeted advice on a specific aspect of online dating in each episode. We’ll also probably banter quite a bit about our own relationship histories and experiences, because we’re both talkers and we have a great rapport. But there will always be some clear, practical takeaways to help guide you to having a better experience with online dating.

I call this “Podcat” — he was really curious about my podcasting mic!

We don’t yet have a title or even a homepage or feed,  because we’re still getting things started. But we’d really appreciate any questions you’d like to submit (anonymously or not; your call!). You can call us at 507-384-LOVE. Awww! (That’s 507-384-5683 for you nerds who want a techie link for your devices, haha.) You can also email, though that address may change once we get things set up clearly.

I think you’ll really enjoy this collaboration. Kai is a fascinating guy who has a different approach to online dating than I do and different relationship interests than I do, and his insights bring the conversation to a new level. He’s also happy to be my guinea pig when I want to prove a point by forcing him to take a new approach, edit a certain section of his profile, or otherwise play around and game the online dating system for better results. So we’ll get some real feedback from a singleton who’s happy to subject himself to my insights, which is always good fun. 🙂

Looking forward to hopefully helping a few lovebirds out there! ♡

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