Perfect timing

Do you guys ever feel like you have those “perfect timing” moments in your life? I kind of don’t. I think they’re really hard for real-life people to capture—they’re the kind of thing that happens in romantic movies, you know? You catch a handsome stranger’s eye across a room full of people boarding a plane, and just happen to get seated next to each other. Etc, etc. Well, for the cynics out there, my husband just sent me this rather delightful link of 50 perfect moments captured in photographs.

Squirrel photobomb in Banff

Photograph by Melissa Brandts

Sure, we’re all familiar with this iconic “Squirrel photobomb in Banff” image by Melissa Brandts. But check out all the other amazing moments captured (and credited accordingly) here. They make you feel like there really is a little magic in the world, for those who are lucky and skillful enough to notice and/or capture it.

And hey, for the rest of us, we still get a shot at meeting that cute single guy from the airport if we stumble upon his OKCupid profile, haha. I know Internet dating doesn’t feel quite as magical as that meet-cute moment, but if it accomplishes the same end goal of connecting two people who wound up having great chemistry together, then that’s still a little magical, isn’t it? I sure think so, as does my husband whom I met online. As our third wedding anniversary creeps closer, I’m still grateful as ever that we managed to find our way to each other in the wilds of the Internet!


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