Pictures, pictures, pictures!

August’s newsletter finally went out today—thanks for your patience, guys! I’m STILL in bed and not really back to full working capacity, but at least I can write, right? 🙂 There are TONS of tips from me, my podcasting buddy Kai, and my Seattle photographer Jennifer. Lots and LOTS of info to help you digest everything to take a fantastic online dating profile picture, as well as just take cuter, better, more flattering pics of yourself and your friends when you’re out being social. And if the nation is stormed by a wave of excited folks standing on chairs in restaurants to take cuter shots, I’m blaming Jennifer!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have a question I somehow didn’t manage to answer in that mega-issue, haha. And don’t worry; if you’ve been meaning to sign up but you forgot to do so before this blast, you can still access it if you sign up now! Just check the link in the emails that you get confirming your subscription. One of them will have links to my last three newsletters.

Here’s my favorite picture that Jennifer snapped of me, which I used for my OKCupid profile:

A picture of me with a goofy expression.

It’s campy, I know, and this vibe isn’t right for everyone. But I think we can all agree that it’s atypical, and that’s what I like to go for! I followed most if not all of Jennifer’s rules from my newsletter: I’m well-lit, she shot from slightly above, and I’m being relaxed and not posing or looking straight at the camera. I get lots of compliments on it, too. 🙂 So happy snapping, and show me your best results!


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