Podcast going strong; “Podcasts” less so :(

Hey y’all! If you’ve been enjoying our Heartographer podcast about online dating and relationships, well, thank you and I’m sorry! Why sorry? Because there seems to be a weird bug in the iPhone Podcasts app that is making it hard for some but not all users to download or stream some but not all podcasts on their iPhone. The embedded player at thetkast.com/heart works, and is mobile friendly; and the iTunes RSS feed works if you load it into a non-iPhone, or if you use a popular alternative iOS podcasting app. (Our favorites are Downcast and Instacast.) I think you can also download them in iTunes and manually transfer them to your phone. Apologies for the disruption; this is happening to lots of other podcasters and Apple has not responded yet or shed any light. 🙁

This silly bug is a real shame, because we’ve had some great episodes as of late! Episode 4 was all about avoiding awkwardness on online dates, plus a few more gems, and Episode 5 was all about reverse-engineering your life plan and romantic plan to account for biology and child-rearing without (hopefully) having a mental breakdown from the pressure that nature puts on us. It’s a little stressful, deeply emotional, and hopefully a little inspiring and helpful even if it’s scary stuff to broach; after all, my goal is ultimately to remind you guys that online dating can help you be a bit more empowered about this whole Finding Someone prospect. (You get bonus points if Finding a Life Partner is an OmniFocus task already! Seriously, send me a screenshot, please.)

If you’d like some more info in non-audible format, well, my July newsletter just went out with tips on how to creatively answer online dating profile questions that my clients often struggle with. Even if you missed the blast, you can still read it if you sign up now!

Go get ’em, tiger! Some upcoming topics for the podcast are online dating alternatives, an analysis of the current major players in online dating sites, a deep dive into Tinder, and gracefully online dating while broke and/or unemployed. So subscribe now to stay abreast of new episodes! (No boobie puns, please. It’s technically still morning here.) And future newsletter topics include in-depth photo help, including Kai’s amazing guide for how to hire a freelance photographer no matter what city you live in. Again, sign up now so ya don’t miss out. [icon-heart]


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