The Heartographer Podcast!

Welcome to The Heartographer Podcast! Everyone involved in the show had some serious medical issues hit all at the same time, ugh. (Don’t worry, we’re all fine now!) So we’re taking a little time to get back up to speed. We hope to release weekly episodes again very soon!

In the meantime, if you’d like to subscribe, you can do so via this iTunes feed link  in the podcast app of your choice.

If you have a question about online dating or relationships, we can tackle it on the podcast (anonymously or not; your call!). We also have guests from time to time who have experience, expertise, or even infamy in the world of online dating. If you want some help or you’d like to guest, you can call and leave a message at (206) 486-5289, or arrange to call in live. You can also email podcast@theheartographer.com. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Episode 9 – Always Kiss

Episode 8 – Deconstructing the Joke

Episode 7 – That One Mosquito

Episode 6 – Those People Are Wrong

Episode 5 – Ready to Start Rearing

Episode 4 – Undoing the Awkwardness

Episode 3 – Worry About Yourself

Episode 2 – Sucking It UP & Going on Proper Dates

Episode 1 – LinkedIn Resume of Romance


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