I’ve been passionate about helping singles find love since way back when I was a scrappy little singleton myself. I’ve been featured a couple publications for my love-minded endeavors, and I hope you’ll poke around and see some of the press!


Metro US, New York

I’ve been quoted a couple times in Metro New York, about how to avoid online dating burnout and some tips specific to online dating for seniors.


Kinja (Gawker) blogger Clio has written me up a couple times; first he quoted my detailed reply post about seeking a dating assistant, and he later wrote up a response to my  tip about OkCupid’s removing two profile questions.



The folks at GeekWire asked me to write this response piece to a blog post they’d spotted about Seattle’s dating scene.

Photo from GeekWire article, via Flickr user Don Hankins.

Photo from GeekWire article, via Flickr user Don Hankins.

Woman’s Day

I gave tips about how to watch for red flags in a man’s online dating profile for Woman’s Day magazine.


Beauty High

I was quoted in this piece about how to look better in photos.

Echo Magazine

I was interviewed for an article about online dating in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue. To read it, click the magazine cover and then click forward to page 41/42 digital (50-51 print). Enjoy!

The Fashion Spot

I was quoted in this piece about how to get over a breakup.


I contributed quotes, research, and advice to this piece on smartphone apps to help Baby Boomers find love online.

Single Boomers Seeking Romance: There’s an App for That!; Mark E. Harris,, May 1, 2013



Bryn Mawr College

In 2011, the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Association reached out to me regarding a feature about women who worked in odd corners of the Internet. The interviewer, Alicia Bessette, did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of my business, and I’ve had the privilege of helping many Bryn Mawr alumnae thanks to her piece.

Mawrters’ forays—both casual and complex—into the world of Internet dating; Alicia Bessette, Bryn Mawr College Alumnae Magazine, May 2011




In 2009, Biznik hosted a SHINE event to produce a documentary about how small businesses were turning around the economy. While my interview wasn’t released as part of the feature film, it was conducted with a professional journalist who did a fantastic job. Even though my business name has changed from to The Heartographer, I still love looking back on the bouncy energy I had for my newly official business presence!

The Stranger

I was approached by a reporter who caught wind of a group I was forming on Yahoo! We were called Trader Joe’s Love, and the whole idea was for people who shop or work at Trader Joe’s to open up and flirt with each other. We only had one mixer, but it made the paper twice!

Love in the Checkout Lane: Trader Joe’s Shoppers Conspire to Hook Up; Amy Jenniges, The Stranger; From the Feb 24 – Mar 2, 2005 issue

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Another reporter from the P-I caught wind of Amy’s story, and she reached out to see if she could cover the mixer. That woman was the amazing Athima Chansanchai, and we’ve been close buddies ever since!

Trader Joe’s shoppers in the market for love; Athima Chansanchai, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer; Friday, April 1, 2005


Several of my silly little humor posts were bestowed the dubious honor of being voted Best-Of Craigslist. They’re a tiny bit risqué, so I’m not linking directly to them here. But I will say that if you really get creative about Googling me and poking around all my various websites, you’ll find your way to the ad by which I met my husband Grant. Happy internexploring! [icon-heart]