I offer several packages to fit different budgets and levels of service. If nothing seems like exactly what you had in mind, drop me a line and we’ll sort something out!

  • The Go-Getter
  • $349
  • MOST POPULAR package!
  • Two hours of one-on-one time, a brand new profile, and two follow-up calls.We’ll chat; I’ll get to know your personality, your past, your values, and your sense of humor. I’ll turn that into a killer profile with myexpertise and yourinput and voice. I’ll help you pick your best existing photos orprovide some guidance to getting better ones.Depending on your needs and how speedy we are, we’ll walk through username, searching, communication, and any questions you have.

    This level of service gives you a solid start IF you’re motivated enough to keep up your end of the bargain by following my advice and staying active with your profile!

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  • VIP, Baby!
  • $799
  • Highest level of support!
  • Initial two-hour meeting, a new profile, plus six weeks of unlimited support.The VIP level of service works for people who struggle withmotivation and discipline in the world of online dating, and who need a push to keep their chin up in their search for love.We’ll start with a two-hour initial appointment, but then we’ll also dive deep into all the details.We’ll analyze how you word and time every message. We’ll practice strategies for more effective organic searching. We’ll play around with profile SEO and other data trickery, and we’ll generally get you out there meeting more and better people face to face than if you were working solo.

    I’ll answer as many questions, emails, texts, and phone calls as you need in order to make you feel confident and successful about finding lasting love online. Of course, you have to keep up your end by following through on the assignments I give you—I’ll be checking up on you. Like, a lot. 🙂

    If you love my assistance so much that you want to keep me on after that first month, you can keep me on for monthly help at a discounted rate. But realistically, you probably won’t need it after a month of boot camp!

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  • FREE dating and relationship advice
  • FREE on the air!
  • Hit me with ANY dating and relationship queries!
  • If you need some offline dating help, call in to Steady!I often get inquiries from singles who are already enmeshed in some sort of romantic saga and need advice. Or maybe they want my help even though they’re not open to trying online dating. Or they just can’t afford to work with me, but they’re still dying for my help.I’m happy to chat about whether you should break up with your girlfriend, or ask your coworker out, or change your Tinder picture. The best way to do this is to call or write in to my podcast Steady! You can give me a fake name and/or location if you want to stay anonymous.

    You can read more details about how the podcast works here!

    Steady is the channel through which I’m handling all pro bono requests moving forward. I can’t wait to take your call!

This could be you, getting help and reassurance about your awesome profile. ;)

This could be you, getting help and reassurance about your awesome profile. 😉

  • TBA
  • Learn to rock online dating on your own!
  • Vide courses guiding you through profile creation, usernames, photos, and communication. Add on a personalized follow-up call for $49!This is a great choice for folks whoare motivated to tackle online dating with gusto, or who want to learn how to improve their experience with an existing profile.My video courses will guide you through the process of various topics to get you going and make you feel confident. These will come out sometime in 2015. (If you’re dying for videos, email me to send me a nudge if you like!)

    If you’re not sure whether you should buy the video courses or book a more intensive session with me, feel free to get in touch and/or send me your existing profile! I can usually tell at a glance what level of service you’ll benefit from the most. 🙂

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  • Mug Shots!
  • $99-$399 depending on attendance
  • My pro photographer and I will make you look effortlessly amazing!
  • If your online dating pictures suck, this is the BEST possible fix.Pictures are SO important in online dating! I’ve been hosting Mug Shots happy hours in a few different cities to help get better pics. Here’s how it works…I hire a photographer who understands exactly the look and feel I’m going for on behalf of my clients. She and I pick an attractive venue with great natural lighting and cool-looking backdrops. We set a time and place. You show up; she shoots; we drink; I facilitate games and distract you from the fact that you’re having your picture taken.

    The results are GORGEOUS—everyone comes out looking amazing and natural and happy and social and well-lit and generally rad. There are always at least a handful of shots per person that are perfect for a dating profile, and there are many more for social media, marketing, etc.

    Mug Shots can be as low as $99 per person with a big group, but can also be purchased at a higher rate for individual shoots. The price varies on how many people we get signed up—so spread the word if you want a great deal! 🙂

    If you want to come to a Mug Shots event, sign up for my newsletter to stay notified!

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Note: for all one-on-one coaching, there’s a $49 surcharge for in-person appointments at my Ballard home office. This charge is waived for VIP clients. Most sessions are conducted via Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, but just make sure to mention it if you’d like to have our first meeting in person instead.

Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions about what I can or can’t do to help you find love. [icon-heart]