My pricing is fairly set for most clients, but there are ways in which you can get a discount. I do ask that if you CAN afford my full price, please pay it. After all, this is a TINY and NEW business for me and only me, and it’s how I put food on my half of the table (and in half of the cat’s dish). OK, it’s not technically quite broken down like that in our household, but I urge you to stick to need-based discounts when possible. That said, here we go!

Veritatem dilexi; or "I delight in the truth."


If you went to the same alma mater as me, just tell me the year you graduated and the name of the event that ends the worst week of our freshwomen lives. (If you were GSSWR, just give me your best guest.)

Not a hyena.

Internet nerds

If you came to me via a certain online network that celebrates the input of a gang of metaphorical wild canines, well, give me some secret code. Give me a catch phrase or sound byte. Pick your favorite. And tell me your screen name. You know who you are.

I also give discounts for people who came to know me via the nerdier of social networks. If I recognize you from them, we’ve been following each other/interacting for a while, and you mention a discount, it will happen!

Collage o' Love


If I’ve spent money or effort on an actual ad campaign, I’ll be so dang delighted that it actually worked that you’ll get a discount for it. Be detailed in exactly how you spotted my ad and when.

This totally counts for people who picked up my business card from a random coffee shop bulletin board, etc. Heck, I’ll even show you what my cards and my ads look like! Sort of! Sometimes! Even the old business cards count!

Personal referrals

If you refer me a new client who books at least $99 worth of services, you both get a discount. If you’re not single but you refer me clients, I’ll send you a little something thoughtful eventually. 🙂 I’m working on formalizing this, because I really want you to know how incredibly awesome it is of you to think of me. You are the main reason my business is successful!

If you were referred to me by a specific person, please make sure you tell me who so I can thank them properly.


Most clients are extremely happy with my services, but are also fairly private about having hired me. So I don’t tend to be flush with public reviews and testimonials. If you’re one of my many happy clients, but you’re also comfortable writing a glowing review, I will gladly give you a discount or a credit towards future service as a thank-you gesture. Reviews on sites like my Google+ page and my iTunes podcast are also appreciated, of course, but something more personal and detailed that I can use across all marketing materials is golden.

Important note for ALL discounts:

Make sure to mention this at the time you book, and also at the time I collect payment. I’m only human; I forget things! I’ll do my best to remember, but ultimately you are responsible for your own savings.

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