Raves Galore

I’m so grateful to my clients who are willing to share their experiences of working with me! Since people can be a little private about dating stuff, names are sometimes changed. However, I keep location and age info accurate to give you a better sense of the demographics I’ve worked with, though this is by no means exhaustive. 🙂

Virginia is a master not only at helping you optimize your online dating profile, but at making you feel confident about what can be such a nerve-wracking process. She gave me suggestions on how to tweak my profile so that my voice was consistently engaging. She opened my eyes to new match-search strategies and gave me a pep talk about how to avoid ruling out potentially cool people for potentially silly reasons. She even provided me with some tips on what makes for the best photo. After speaking with Virginia, I feel more excited about my possibilities when it comes to online dating than I ever have before; I would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation!

—Jennifer, 29, New York City, NY

With Virginia’s assistance, traffic to my dating profile has increased tremendously. I’ve gotten really positive feedback from many guys who specifically said they wrote me because they felt I had such a warm and friendly tone. I thought I had been doing all right on my own, but the difference between my pre- and post-Heartographer revamp is like night and day. Besides helping me establish a great online presence, Virginia helped me suss out some of the obstacles I was putting in my own path, all in the name of helping me succeed at finding love online. I’m so grateful for all of her help and I can’t recommend her highly enough!

—Annie, 32, New York City, NY

I was a hesitant first-time online dater. I felt in good hands with Virginia because of her extensive knowledge about the online dating world, and her common-sense approach. She has a way with words and knew just how to present me so that I could shine through. Virginia knew exactly how to diffuse my fears, and build my confidence to take that first plunge. I will always be grateful to Virginia for her help in meeting the love of my life.

—Natalie, 33, Portland, OR

I was not having any luck with dating sites like Match.com and Yahoo. Craigslist and other free sites scared the crap out of me so I never tried them either. My biggest problem was I had a hard time writing about myself in a way that really described myself. Virginia helped me write an amazing ad that described myself better than I ever could. It helped me realize things about myself I didn’t even know! Her writing is amazing. Plus, it gave me the confidence to even try writing ads and profiles on my own. With Virginia’s help, I met way cooler people than before and found lots of people similar to myself that I didn’t think even existed out there. I was starting to get frustrated with the whole process and give up. With Virginia’s help, I would definitely try again in the future! Virginia rocks!

—Matt, 29, Seattle, WA

I didn’t wind up booking Virginia as an official online dating coach, because my offline personal life kind of exploded with opportunity right around the time I had her look into my okcupid profile. However, I found myself relying on her for relationship insight and advice given all my irons in the fire! she was so helpful at guiding me through my own feelings and helping me get to a place of calm in balance with multiple relationships. Even though she isn’t very familiar with the polyamorous community, she’s open minded, logical, and empathetic when it comes to the jumble of feelings that can come with a poly lifestyle. Her advice was always sound and logical yet friendly and sympathetic. I’d send any of my single pals to her for help, because she doesn’t just do great online profiles, she does great Relationship Life Plans!

—Alexis, 49, Seattle, WA

Virginia is an expert in handling questions I’d consider giving someone if they offered tech support of the 21st Century Heart. An understanding voice who didn’t need any of the weird complexities of my digital situation explained to her, I proudly recommend her to my friends IRL, and you, her prospective customers!

—HC, 29, New York City, NY

Virginia’s knowledge and insights into how to get dramatic results with online dating helped me see a whole new strategy I could use online to meet people. The end result? This week I have 3 dates with really cool people. Using an online dating expert has made the difference in my love life.

—Kai, 27, Eugene, OR

I’ve been online dating on and off for a couple years. About the time I was ready to reactivate my profile (again), I won a free session with Virginia. I was excited but a little skeptical–I’d previously received a fair number of messages and went on decent dates. I thought I basically had online dating figured out. The problem? None of these really worked out–many matches looked good on paper but were completely lacking in chemistry. So I decided to change up my methods and embrace Virginia’s expert objective opinion! An hour session with her completely changed how I evaluated chemistry with potential matches. She also edited my profile and pictures to better showcase my personality and make me more attractive to the people I’m interested in. On top of all that, she’s warm and funny and easy to talk to–important for potentially awkward please-help-me-with-my-love-life conversations! Oh, and the best part? A week after our session, I met the guy who’s now my boyfriend! This is the first exclusive relationship I’ve found online, and I’m so grateful for her help. Jeff is too. 🙂

—Kelly, 28, Honolulu, HI

I reached out to Virginia for help with online dating even though I wasn’t sure what kind of help I needed. We talked about how I was having trouble figuring out the kind of people I should be dating in the first place. Virginia took the time to get to know me with thoughtful, targeted questions. Once I was in a new relationship she helped guide me to feeling more comfortable and secure about the direction the relationship was moving. It was a great help and I’d definitely recommend her to anyone single who needs help navigating the romance waters!

—Ian, 28, Vancouver, BC

Just wanted to say that I had a lot of fun yesterday [at a Mug Shots happy hour].  It takes an impressive skill to gel a group a strangers into a relaxed bunch of people just being themselves…  Kudos!

—Ivan, 35, Seattle, WA

I changed my Facebook profile pic to [one of the pictures from Virginia’s Mug Shots event] and the last time I got so many likes–87 and a bunch of comments– was when I got my doctorate from Harvard. Seriously! This is telling me a lot about how much a picture matters!

—Celine, 35, New York City, NY

What I loved the most about working with Virginia is that she really gives you an unbiased view of what online dating behavior looks like NOW, and how’s it changed over the years. Regardless of whether she thinks certain behavior is right or wrong, she presents it as a reality and taught me that there were certain “rules” that online daters do have to play by in order to get more profile views and ongoing dates. So far these rules have proved to be true. Virginia was able to tweak my profile in ways I never thought of, and it definitely paid off in the increase of profile views from men that were better matches for me. Virginia also helped me with online burnout. The amount of profiles to search through gets very overwhelming and her approach allowed me to weed down the list to something much more manageable.  Virginia gave me tips on how to adjust my search filters to get better matches, and taught me some red flags to look for in order to eliminate certain non-match profiles from my search.  She’s very available when you need her for information/advice offline, and tries to keep in touch with her clients after the initial work is completed. I had a great experience working with Virginia and I’m sure I’ll continue to reach out to her in the future for ongoing dating questions/concerns.

—Andrea, 35, Queens, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I met someone and we’ve been dating for a couple months now! Yay to you and me! She’s an amazing person and we are having lots of good times together. We’re going to Europe next month for a week! I was already planning on going but I found it was super easy to add another person to my plans.
Thanks for everything! You’re awesome and I’m so glad I contacted you 😊

—Melanie, 44, Portland, OR