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I want you guys to be safe, to be happy, to have fun, and to find love. The best way to do that is with personal help from me. Nothing increases your success rate like working closely with someone who can both motivate and educate!

If you can’t afford the personal touch, though, here are a bunch of resources I’ve created for my clients over the years. This advice is informed by over a decade of dedicating myself to helping singles from all walks of life find love online. I share my knowledge with you free of charge, but if you find it helpful, I sure would appreciate you referring me customers, writing testimonials, or donating via PayPal.

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Online Dating Safety—this is a must read! Be smart out there, lovebirds!

Basic profile tips—this is where beginners start.

Usernames—This field is more important than you think. TL;DR: NO NUMBERS! Ever!

How to answer profile questions—Answer those questions mindfully, not lazily!

Photos—All kinds of resources for great online dating pictures, including tips on how to hire a professional photographer.

Messages and phone calls—Shifting from online dating messages helps establish a little more intimacy, a little less awkwardness.

Tech tips—from basics like creating a new email address, to sophisticated filtering so you don’t get Inbox Overload.

Social media—Your digital footprint and how it relates to your dating life

Online Dating Overwhelm—Motivation and management tricks

Gaming your data—if anything about you can potentially work against you (like your height, your weight, your kids, etc.), you can find a way to downplay it and amp up your other great traits.


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