Phone communication

Don’t forget to call!

In this increasingly SMS-friendly phone culture, it’s easy to skip over phone calls. After all, I totally dodge calls from my parents (sorry, Mom!) and unknown numbers and awkward coworkers; don’t you? I prefer using email, texting, or social networks to connect with my friends and even my husband. But it’s a different story when you’re dealing with a stranger you might like to date.

Phone calls are the most intimate type of interaction you can have, aside from meeting someone in person. If you’re using a location-based app like the ones mentioned above, you might be able to skip a phone call. But if you’re meeting someone you’ve been emailing back and forth with for weeks, you’re going to want to schedule a quick chat!

Conversations by phone help break the ice and get someone one step closer to meeting The Real You. They release a little of that anticipation tension of not knowing what to expect, and they also make the forthcoming date MUCH more likely to result in a second date. (Whether they like it or not, the person you chat with is just more invested in you after talking to you and hearing your voice, etc.)

Lastly, they’re kind of quaint. Because talking on the phone is sort of old fashioned now, it matters more. It directs your attention more fully to your date. (Don’t you DARE call them when you’re busy or distracted!) It shows them you care enough to use a medium that might be slightly dispreferred or annoying, because you’re just THAT interested in who they are and what they have to say. And it’ll make them so much more relaxed around you when they do finally meet you in person!

So don’t call them maybe (thanks Carly Rae). Call them definitely. Especially if you’re a guy. (But even if you’re not.) And have fun on that date! ♥

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