Social media management

Not a fan of Facebook? Ditch the profile pic.

Maybe you signed up because your best friend from high school kept nagging you about reunion. Maybe you’re in it for your mom, or for baby pics of your nephew. And maybe it just annoys the crap out of you. Maybe you just like having a profile to check out your friends’ friends who might be single. 🙂 But now you regret it because you feel like you have Facebook homework!

If you’ve finally caved and opened up a social networking account like Facebook that you don’t really like having to monitor, have no fear. You can totally belong to get the benefits of seeing photos or getting event invites, without having it become a headache. Just don’t upload a profile picture! (You might also wanna change the settings so they don’t email you ever.)

Using the default avatar most networks provide is a subconscious way to tell your connections that you aren’t really invested in the service, and you likely aren’t paying much attention. You can always decide to upload a pic later, but keeping it blank gives you a built-in excuse for why you didn’t see someone’s engagement announcement or baby pics if they ask about it. (They might. People are pretty funny these days with social media!)

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