Reviving my P-I blog!


Hey singles, some of you might remember way back in the day when I had a Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reader Blog. Well, their CMS was a little confusing for me, and I wound up blogging more often elsewhere which is silly since the offered FANTASTIC exposure opportunities. I even got my very first paid client from that little blog over there. And I’m happy to announced that I convinced them to give me another chance!

From now on, I’ll occasionally blog over there, and crosspost a link and snippet over here to try to drive traffic to their site. It’s all I can do after FOUR YEARS of inactivity on that platform, ya know? I’ll blog here too, though. Blogging up a storm, all over town.

Here are a couple recent posts to get the P-I ball rolling again!

1) Dating divorced:

Here’s the deal: there are multiple types of divorced… But you know what? You’re never going to know what KIND of divorced someone is unless you meet them and get a feel for their personality.

2) Weird NYC fanciness:

This city is just so much bigger than Seattle that it kind of changes the vibe of the online dating marketplace. Even so, a lot of my core advice remains the same in a bigger pond. For example, New York men looking to meet women also have to stand out by being witty and a little offbeat in their profile, and they have to really message charmingly and persistently. Authenticity, humor, and taking the lead are pretty darn universal, so you dudes can milk those traits to hone in on a great messaging strategy no matter where you live.

3) On busting out a little more effort in those profile pictures:

Everybody stop shooting from dead on or below. Seriously. Nobody looks good like that. Shoot from a little bit above. You look cuter and slimmer, the shadows are kinder, and it’s slightly less “overdone” so it’s a more refreshing vibe.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if you start to see the occasional link to my work there! I promise, it’s the same old Virginia. [icon-heart]



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