Same-sex “political” wedding?

Most of you guys know I’m a bit of an advice column nerd. Miss Manners has long run columns in both MSN and The Washington Post, but neither source publishes an RSS feed so I sometimes get behind on her corpus. (Prudie and Dan, on the other hand, do a great job with RSS, even if Prudie’s Slate feed incorporates ads in a really ineffective and skippable way. Thanks, guys!) Anyway, I was catching up on Miss Manners, and I came across some ever-so-delightful replies of hers.

Source: LGBTQ Nation

Source: LGBTQ Nation

In her April 10 column, Miss Manners reads through the lines about the letter writer’s meaning: the writer complains that her son’s wedding is a political rally for a cause which she does not support, and wonders therefore whether she ought not to attend. The lovely Miss Manners sums it up nicely (emphasis mine):

Is it possible that you only mean to say that your son is marrying a gentleman? In that case, we call it a wedding, not a politically themed rally. Your presence would not constitute a vote for same-sex marriage, but your absence would be an extreme rejection of your son.

Well read and well said. I do indeed suspect this woman is hiding behind vague language to avoid proclaiming her distaste for her son’s romantic union and fundamental orientation, but she doesn’t slip one past Miss M. Kudos, Judith. You come damn near Dear Abby in this excellent, prudent retort. Very glad to see that someone who isn’t of my generation fervently supports gay rights.

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