Sick, sick, sick :(

Last Friday was the seven year anniversary of my first date with Grant, and this Wednesday was our three-year wedding anniversary. We’re actually celebrating all of those things tonight, because Grant has had some crazy deadlines at work, and I managed to get insanely suddenly sick, so I’m hopped up on NyQuil to try to make myself feel well enough for a fancy evening at Canlis.

It’s funny about running your own business—sick days aren’t nearly as liberating, haha. They only make you feel worse because you feel that you’re letting down your clients. I did manage to squeak out a podcast episode this morning; I didn’t want to postpone that because it was our first ever one with a guest! That was rough with my voice, though, and Siri keeps screwing up my dictations because she doesn’t seem to understand my sick voice all that well, haha. So for now, I’m headed back to bed to rest up so I can briefly party with my sweetheart tonight. Fingers crossed that I’m back in proper form by next week! Happy weekend, all!

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