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Hey folks, hope you all had a lovely weekend! Grant and I had an overwhelmingly social one—he’s been in crunch mode for months and I’ve been under the weather, but we packed in FOUR separate engagements, and he even managed to mow the lawn and do laundry (while I lazed around and caught up with my DVR). I guess we’re officially out of our Social Slump! We even caught some flack for wearing Colts jerseys to a Colts vs. Seahawks party, haha.

Friday’s post about Amy Webb’s TED Talk got a TON of traffic. Hello to any resulting new readers! I specifically spoke about some ways you can hack online dating of your own, but I didn’t give a ton of specifics. Well, my new guest post for Singles’ Warehouse digs into a few tricks, namely in manipulating sidebar metadata. Confused by that phrase, are ya? Read on!

This is tricky; half of the questions every online dating sidebar asks you are inappropriate to answer with total honesty. Body type? Figure it out from the photos. Industry? This will inevitably make my life sound more boring than it actually is. Income? There is no correct answer; it’s always either too little or bragging. And let’s not even get started on kids or prior marriages. The fact is, you’re allowed to leave out some info—leave out ALL of the sections if you feel like even one of them will work against you (such as if you’re a very short guy, or you’re divorced with kids). I’m serious! Try keeping it completely empty! You can open up about these deeply personal topics as you get to know someone if there’s a connection from the rest of your profile.

Please read the whole post, Peeling the Onion, to get some more analytical tips for how to punch up an online dating profile. As always, if you have questions I didn’t answer, just ask! [icon-heart]

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