Site’s back up, finally!

Hey all, I’m so sorry the site was down for so dang long! Technical difficulties are so frustrating and embarrassing. Some tiny amount of down time is expected with any provider—but you know who ultimately helped me solve the technical issues my crappy host caused? Helpful strangers on the Internet. Yep, even after almost eight years of being attached to my sweetheart, I still find incredible value in meeting people online!

Don’t you worry, lovebirds. I’m switching to a much finer company very soon, so your flow to online dating advice shouldn’t be interrupted unexpectedly in the future. And as a bonus, the site will load a lot faster once I’ve made the switch!

Have a safe, fun, happy weekend, and please get in touch if you had online dating questions you were unable to ask during the downtime! I’ll totally take pity on you and give you a much longer free intro chat than normal. 🙂

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